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Arabic Seeds is an Arabic Resources HUB for parents, homeschoolers, teachers & schools to make children learn, live & love the language, through engaging themed units, printables, videos, audios & online games.

Arabic Seeds membership - resources to learn Arabic, read write speak listen printables audios videos and games

The ultimate goal is to preserve Arabic as a living language by helping children and families integrate it into their lives so that it becomes a meaningful and loved language.

Emilie, Arabic Seeds founder
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What do you get access to?

1. An expanding resources’ library of printables, videos, audios, and online games that are suitable for different levels from alphabet learning to sentences practice. Expose your learners to the whole language and make them practice the 4 interconnected language skills (listening, speaking, reading & writing)!

2. Resources organized into THEMED UNITS with engaging resources that work together to  make learners practice the whole language.

Each unit is based on a printable book/story to give learners a meaningful context and engage them into learning.

Then, the unit’s resources that go with the book/story (flashcards, worksheets, read-aloud videos, audios, games, craft ideas) make them practice the vocabulary and sentences as well as the 4 language skills (listen, speak, read and write) in order to acquire the language and give them confidence to use it.

3. Important SECTIONS: 

  • Daily life in Arabic SECTION (resources of words and sentences to use the language in daily life)
  • Alphabet and Beginner reading/writing resources SECTION
  • Baby & Me SECTION (resources for parents of babies and toddlers)
  • All-videos PLAYLIST (50+ Arabic videos, no ads, no music)

4. Members Challenges:  motivate learners to speak the language through regular members’ challenges. All levels welcome and the winner win a small prize! **Non-native speaking parent? We will be happy to help you if you need help.

5. Special Discounts from our partners: members get access to discount codes from collaborating businesses offering interesting Arabic products or services.

Our resources in use

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Happy members

Ula - Homeschooler
Ula - Homeschooler@when2became4plus1
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"Learning isn't only in a classroom, this is one of the reasons I love Arabic Seeds because it makes that possible. It's not just worksheets, but allows you to live the Arabic language by using labels to label things around the house, placemats to use while eating, games and books so even in times when you need quiet time the children can spend time benefiting and learning."
As a student of the Arabic language...
As a student of the Arabic language...- feedback by a follower who asked to stay anonymous.
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As a student of the Arabic language and as I'm delving deeper into grammar and morphology, I can honestly say, your resources are highly underrated! The foundations you set for grammar and speech skills in Fus'ha (especially for a person who's native tongue is not Arabic) is unmatched. I've yet to come across anything that is so engaging yet challenging at the same time.
Umm Assad Homeschool
Umm Assad Homeschool@ummassad.pubs Message
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Arabic is my second language but just as any subject, it’s not easy to teach. Discovering Arabicseeds is like discovering gold, only better. I’ve known about Arabicseeds for years but was never quite ready to register with so many other programmes going on such as Madinah Arabic etc. After a bit of research, friendly and reassuring contact with Arabicseeds, I finally found the confidence to register all my children and truly admire the work put into this programme for children (and adults too). Arabicseeds is kind of like the Arabic version of twinkl. The resources fit so wonderfully for all learning styles with the various approaches used per Unit such as reading, writing, listening and even speaking. Arabicseeds is not like most other programmes we’ve used out there. We love the use of the everyday sentences and being able to listen to a cute Arabic voice that the children can engage in. It’s so addictive, my children are really enjoying the full subscription (toddler included). If you want to strat speaking Arabic today, start with Arabicseeds, you truly are living the Arabic language with these amazing resources. Jazaakom Allaahu khair!
Umm Maimoonah - Homeschooler, Online teacher
Umm Maimoonah - Homeschooler, Online teacher@ummmaimoonah
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Arabic Seeds have truly transformed the learning of our little preschooler. Alhamdulillaah. We really love the way of presentation and the effort put into making these child friendly resources. It is pleasing to see such an initiative that does not restrict this rich language to just vocabulary and grammar only, rather it is focusing on making non-native Arabic speakers start speaking and living the language. All of the resources go so well with our Pre Kinder Curriculum Pack that we are following with the fellow homeschoolers and every child is enjoying and benefitting.
Erica Harris - Homeschooler & photographer
Erica Harris - Homeschooler & photographer@theveiledvivante
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Before I registered for Arabic Seeds, I relied on piecemeal finds to craft some type of Arabic curriculum. Vocab heavy but not very applied, their understanding would be fleeting since it wasn't anchored to anything real. Since I am SUCH a visual learner, being able to lay out everything is super helpful. The big images instead of the listing most education websites have is a lifesaver.
Eezeehomeschool - Homeschooler,  Early Childhood Educator
Eezeehomeschool - Homeschooler, Early Childhood Educator@eezeehomeschool
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I love the fact that I can take out my planner and plan out our Arabic for the week from Arabic Seeds. This website is amazing it has videos, art and craft activities, daily vocabularies, whole unit studies and more! It allows me to plan so easily because everything is in one place. I love the child friendly learning approach with the halal illustration! If you're looking for a website to help your child learn Arabic then please check out Arabic seeds.
Mindful Muslim Montessori
Mindful Muslim Montessori@mindfulmuslimmom
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We have been using various Arabic seed resources including their songs, books and worksheets in our classrooms. They are so interactive and fun for kids MashaAllah! All the kids are loving it Alhamdulillah! Love their subscription option!
Tarbiyah Outside The Box
Tarbiyah Outside The Box@tarbiyahoutsidethebox
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When it comes to teaching my kids (and myself) Arabic I like to use a blend of videos, worksheets, and books. For videos, I usually search on YouTube and for worksheets I browse the web for what I need. When I came across Arabic Seeds I was ecstatic, because all the resources I needed were in one place, alhamdulillaah! I actually didn’t hesitate to get the yearly subscription, because it was well worth the value. We use Arabic Seeds to supplement our study of the Madinah Arabic Reader series. Maa shaa Allaah, the thematic learning approach makes it easy for us to use what we learn right away in our daily vocabulary!

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our knowledge about language acquisition, our experiences as parents raising a multilingual family & using Arabic with their children from baby age, through our experiences as an adult Arabic learner (for our founder) and as an Arabic teacher (for our proofreader), we believe in a practical, whole-language exposure’s approach from the early years. 

From baby age, children should be exposed to Arabic daily through play, talking to them in Arabic, rhymes, book read-alouds etc.  Then, once they are ready developmentally and Arabic is part of their life, reading and writing practices can be introduced (usually around 5-7 years old but each child is different).

This would be the ideal situation and we encourage you to do so, but we know that not everyone can achieve this (especially non-native speakers) and we are here to help you get closer to it!

We design our resources to help you incorporate Arabic into your children/students’ life, make them live and love Arabic and make them practice the 4 language skills through topics inspired by kids and real life.

Arabic Seeds has been founded by a non-native speaker who knows the struggles of finding adapted resources and of learning Arabic as an adult. That’s why, we create resources with special features for non-native speakers:

  • easy-to-read Arabic font and more space between letters,
  • all the needed Arabic “vowels”,
  • English translation,
  • audios and read-aloud videos 
  • vocabulary and simple sentences that can re-used when speaking in real life.

However, we recommend that you, at least, know how to read and write in Arabic as well as some basic grammar.

  • Since we have native speaking children and non-native speaking children using our resources, we can’t really “stick” an age on our resources.

But we suggest that our resources are most suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old. They may be suitable for older beginner children as well. And many non-native speaking parents have reported to us that they are also learning alongside their children.

  • The use of our resources should be adapted to each child’ abilities and level.  

For instance, a 3 year-old won’t be requested to read our books or other texts, or write sentences, but the teaching will be done through read-alouds of our books by the parent/teacher, playing with our flashcards and talking, watching our short videos (listen & repeat), tracing/colouring letters and words (simple worksheets), and integrating what has been learned in real-life. Later on, the teacher/parent can go back to the same resources when the child is older in order to review what has been learned and to involve him/her in more challenging activities.

Our resources does not include Arabic grammar lessons, but they expose young children to the whole language (which includes grammar structures, full sentences and vocabulary) so that young learners feel confident and understand the language before they reach the age of “strict” grammar lessons.

We want our platform to be a safe space for our young members. That’s why our website and resources do not contain any ads and music.

We also filter and manually approve comments posted in our membership pages so that our website’s content stay safe and appropriate for children.

Yes, one membership subscription can be used for all your children. You don’t need to buy one subscription per child.

We allow a teacher to use one subscription for her/his classroom’s needs up to 35 students. The same goes for a playgroup leader or homeschool co-op leader.

You can print a resource several times for all the children in your class or group. And let them watch our videos and play our online games as well.

However, we do request that you don’t email or share the files of our resources with other parents or teachers. Read more about our Terms of Use and Copyrights here. 

Contact us if you have questions regarding your own specific circumstances (teaching moved online due to pandemic etc.)

Contact us if you intend to use our resources for your charity, organization, school (off or online). We will be glad to discuss with you to offer you a solution (bulk price, incentive, discounted price) suitable for your particular size, needs and circumstances.

Our website is mobile-responsive and can be used with all kinds of devices, especially our video pages and online games.

However, for the member home and resources libraries, we recommend that you use a desktop/laptop in order for you to better see the organization of the content.

Our resources are all digital. You won’t receive a physical product.

Our videos and online games are not downloadable.

Subscribe today!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any pre-sale question.

Arabic Seeds monthly plan

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For one Household or for one Teacher/educator (up to 35 students). Contact us for other situations.
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  • Expanding resources' library
  • Engaging Themed units
  • Important Sections
  • Members Challenges
  • Discount codes from our partners

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