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My bedroom – Text & Audio 4

My bedroom – From child to child – Text and Audio #4

This brilliant resource about a little girl’s bedroom is written and illustrated by a child for children. You can use it as a listening and reading activity or you could ask the student to draw their bedroom and talk or write about it in Arabic. غرفة نومي – من طفل إلى طفل نص و مقطع …

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House Worksheets (Arabic-only and Arabic-English)

A handy ‘around the house’ resource pack combining Arabic spelling, grammar, reading, and writing activities. Use this resource pack to introduce singular and plural Arabic words and enhance knowledge of Arabic vocabulary and language usage. Once completed, see if the student can name things around the house using the singular and plural words learnt in …

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House Reading Puzzles

These Arabic word puzzles focus on sequencing letters within the theme ‘around the house’. Word puzzles are a great way to improve vocabulary, memory, focus, and reading. Use these puzzles to enhance your child’s Arabic language learning in a fun engaging way.   الكلمات المقطعة ضمن وحدة (حول البيت)     This resource is part …

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House Labels – rooms, objects, furniture

Three sets of colorful and fun labels for items (objects and furniture) around the house. This resource is suitable for multiple children as each set of labels is in a different colour. Print, laminate, and use to identify and mach labels to objects or with a game of ‘I Spy’.   بطاقات (حول المنزل) – …

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In the house – My first Arabic words – Printable Book

A colorful, fun first words book introducing ‘around the house’ vocabulary. Use alongside toy figures and encourage your child to come up with their own imaginary story or easy sentences depending on the student’s level. داخل البيت – كلماتي العربية الأولى كتاب مطبوع     This resource is part of our Arabic In my house UNIT …

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