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FREE “Nashoot meets Bannoon” Story (Arabic only and Arabic English) updated 2021

This free Arabic story introduces our characters Nashoot and Bannoon, the Arabic-speaking kittens. It can be read aloud to younger children or used as reading practice for beginner readers. Learners can also pretend to be Nashoot and Bannoon and retell the story.

Our whole “Greeting & Introducing myself” unit is based on this story in order to give a meaningful and enjoyable context to the learning. Learners will be able to reinforce and practice vocabulary words and sentences found in the story with the other resources of the unit.

Verbs have been highlighted in red for learners. This resource is available in Arabic-only and Arabic-English.

قصة نشوط يتعرف على بنون – كتاب للقراءة – التحية و التعارف – مجاني

عربي فقط و عربي-إنجليزي

Download ““Nashoot meets Bannoon” Story - Arabic only (updated 2021)” Arabic-Story-Nashoot-meets-Bannoon-Arabic-only-version-Arabic-Seeds-printables.pdf – Downloaded 431 times – 532 KB

Download ““Nashoot meets Bannoon” Story - Arabic English version (updated 2021)” Arabic-Story-Nashoot-meets-Bannoon-Arabic-English-version-Arabic-Seeds-printables.pdf – Downloaded 531 times – 547 KB

This story is part of the “Greeting & Introducing myself” UNIT.

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