Our Mission

Planting the seeds of the Arabic fluency from early childhood by: 

  • helping families and teachers to incorporate Arabic at home or in the classroom as a LIVING language, and to instill the love for this language through engaging resources.
  • teaching vocabulary and sentences related to a MEANINGFUL story, context or theme 
  • making learners practice the 4 interconnected language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) so that they ACQUIRE the language.
  • making learners feel CONFIDENT in their ability to learn and use the language, breaking the « Arabic is the most difficult language » mental barrier that holds back learners.

The language acquisition approach we promote

Through our knowledge about language acquisition, our multilingual parenting experiences, our experiences as an adult Arabic learner (for our founder) and as an Arabic teacher (for our resources’ proofreader), we believe in a practical, whole-language exposure’s approach from the early years. 

From baby age, children should be exposed to Arabic daily through play, talking to them in Arabic, rhymes, book read-alouds etc. Once they reach the “learning to read and write” stage, what they try to read and write makes sense to them and it eases them into this new step in their language learning journey. This would be the ideal situation but we know that not everyone can achieve this (especially non-native speakers) and we are here to help you! We also believe it is never too early or too late to start a new language learning journey.

We design our resources to help you incorporate Arabic into your children/students’ life, make them live and love Arabic and make them practice the 4 interconnected language skills (listen, speak, read and write) through topics inspired by kids’ interests and by real life.

Interested in more details about a language immersion approach for teachers? Read more in the guest post “How to teach Arabic to children the right way” on our blog.

About us

Arabic Seeds was founded at the end of 2015 by our founder, Emilie Lafage, a non-native speaking mom who wanted to share her experience in using Arabic in her daily life with her child (read more about her Arabic learning journey in on our blog) and to create the adapted and engaging resources that non-native speakers need. 

In 2018, we transformed our online shop into a membership-based platform in order to offer you more value for less! Arabic Seeds has grown a lot since then and we are progressively updating our oldest printables, audios and videos while adding new resources every month! 

Since 2020, thanks to the sustainability provided by the subscription model and the fidelity of our members, we are able to outsource some of the content creation work and to expand our Arabic platform with more and more beneficial resources. We are grateful to Creative Melon for the development of our online Arabic games, to Cotorrita Design and PeoniArt for their illustration work, to Khadijah Ashworth for her content writing work and to Al-Qasas Learning for her resource’s design work.