Through our knowledge about language acquisition, our experiences as parents raising a multilingual family & using Arabic with their children from baby age, through our experiences as an adult Arabic learner (for our founder) and as an Arabic teacher (for our proofreader), we believe in a practical, whole-language exposure’s approach from the early years. 

From baby age, children should be exposed to Arabic daily through play, talking to them in Arabic, rhymes, book read-alouds etc.  Then, once they are ready developmentally and Arabic is part of their life, reading and writing practices can be introduced (usually around 5-7 years old but each child is different).

This would be the ideal situation and we encourage you to do so, but we know that not everyone can achieve this (especially non-native speakers) and we are here to help you get closer to it! We also believe it is never too early or too late to start a new language learning journey.

We design our resources to help you incorporate Arabic into your children/students’ life, make them live and love Arabic and make them practice the 4 interconnected language skills (listen, speak, read and write) through topics inspired by kids’ interests and by real life.

Interested in more details about a language immersion approach for teachers? Read more in the guest post “How to teach Arabic to children the right way” on our blog.

Arabic Seeds was founded at the end of 2015 by our founder, Emilie, a French mom who wanted to share her experience in using Arabic (fusha) in her daily life with her child (read more about her Arabic learning journey in “Raising my child in Arabic boosted my own learning” on our blog) and to create the adapted and engaging teaching resources she was not finding. She fall in love with the Arabic language when she became muslim years ago and her objective with Arabic Seeds is to preserve the Arabic language as a living language for her family, and to empower other families and teachers with the same goal.

Arabic Seeds has grown a lot since 2015 alhamdulillAH! It has become our family’s life-long project bi’idhnillAh. We have improved and are progressively updating our oldest printables and videos! 

Since 2020, our founder is also glad to finally be able to outsource some of the work to other fellow moms from around the world, like the homeschooling mompreneur behind Creative Melon for our online games’ development, as well as the homeschooling moms behind Cotorrita Design and PeoniArt for some of our illustration work.