Free Arabic Video: "Nashoot meets Bannoon" Read-aloud Story

2 thoughts on “FREE Arabic Video: “Nashoot meets Bannoon” Story Read-aloud”

  1. hello, I love the program. for someone like myself who does not speak arabic but would love to learn/teach my kids, I think it would be very helpful for the transliteration to be under each arabic word as well.

    1. Ahlan wa sahlan Trina!
      Thank you very much for your comment on our website!

      That’s a great point. We have chosen not to include transliterations because in our experience:
      – they can be misleading especially since some Arabic sounds does not exist in English and we have members from different countries and different first languages so transliterated sounds would be different
      – they can hold back learners: learners get used to read the English-script transliteration instead of training their eyes/brain to directly read the Arabic and/or trust their ability to finally read Arabic and improve their reading fluency.
      The solution we offer is actually the release of read-aloud videos and audios of our printables as much as possible. Furthermore, as mentioned in our FAQs, we recommend that at least one parent knows how to read and write Arabic in order to be able to use our membership fully.
      Are you able to read Arabic to some extent?
      Let me know if you need assistance, we may be able to help more.
      – Emilie, founder.

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