FREE Arabic Ramadan UNIT – learn Arabic words about Ramadan

Free Arabic Ramadan printable resources for children - islamic freebies for the month of Ramadan

With this FREE “Ramadan in Arabic” Unit, your children/family/students will learn and practice vocabulary words, verbs and sentences around the topic of Ramadan in their original language, Arabic! What a meaningful and beautiful way to connect with this special month, bi’idhnillAh!

The unit is based on our counting story “From zero to ten in Ramadan” (that also means practicing Arabic numbers from 0 to 10 at the same time!). Like in all our themed Arabic units, the other resources of the unit (Arabic Flashcards, letters & words Worksheets, Sentences Strips, read-aloud Videos) work together with the story to help learners practice and retain the key Arabic words/verbs/phrases.

In order to support non-native Arabic speakers, we also provide the Arabic-English version of our printables as well as the Arabic read-aloud videos of the story and of the flashcards/sentences.

And finally, a free “Eid Mubarak” printable Arabic Colouring Sheet is also provided.

Click on the buttons below to download each resource.

Free Arabic Ramadan Counting Story - Arabic Seeds printable freebies

Arabic free Ramadan Flashcards - Arabic Seeds free printables

Arabic Ramadan themed Worksheets - Words & letters recognition - Arabic Seeds free printable

Free Arabic Ramadan themed Sentence Strips - Arabic Seeds printable freebies
Free Arabic VIDEO Ramadan flashcards and sentences - Arabic Seeds freebies

Free Arabic Eid Mubarak Colouring poster card - Arabic Seeds printable freebies

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