FREE Printable Islamic Arabic Alphabet Posters – PDF & Audio

Free Arabic ALPHABET Poster with Islamic Words - printable Arabic freebie by Arabic Seeds

These FREE Arabic Alphabet printable posters include 28 islamic words (each word beginning with a letter of the Arabic alphabet) that are relevant to the life of muslim children and their families. They help learners to practice the isolated and beginning forms of each Arabic letter, as well as, to learn vocabulary words and their pronunciation in Arabic. They are beautifully illustrated to make the learning even more engaging!

What’s included:

– FREE printable PDF with both the Arabic-only and Arabic-English versions of the posters

– FREE Arabic Audio MP3 to help with pronunciation and memorization.

You can use these Arabic posters with the corresponding FREE islamic Arabic Alphabet Colouring Worksheets.

Important NOTE: Please keep in mind that words carry more meaning than the simple illustrations we have chosen (especially since they are religious words), therefore you may need to explain things to your children/students more in depth or details for some words.

ملصقات الأبجدية العربية مع كلمات و صور إسلامية

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