FREE Arabic Snowman Dress-up Speaking Activity printable (with Help sheet and English translation)

Arabic winter season mountain unit theme - printables, videos, audios, games - Arabic Seeds resources for kids

This free printable activity will engage young children and beginners of all ages in speaking Arabic by using meaningful repetitive sentences through an enjoyable winter clothing theme. They will be exposed to useful words and grammar rules naturally: imperative verbs, negative sentences, thanking phrase, colors in masculine and feminine, accessories vocabulary.

Included in the file:

  • How-to sheet
  • Suggested Arabic sentences & English translations
  • Snowman sheet to print and play with
  • Accessories to print out and cut out
  • Accessories flashcards in Arabic-only and Arabic-English

This Arabic printable activity has been inspired by our immersive Snowman Online game.  Available only for members of the Arabic Seeds Membership. If you are a non-native speaker and need help with pronunciation of the suggested Arabic sentences, we recommend you to play our Snowman online game to listen to the sentences.

Download the Arabic Snowman Freebie

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