DIY Snow globe & Free Arabic Winter printable

DIY Snow globe tutorial and free Arabic printable with translation and audio winter themed Arabic freebie

How to easily make a snow globe with your kids/students to go with our free “The white surprise” Arabic resource.


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  • Jar with lid or a plastic snow globe from a store.
  • Glitter, sequins or other tiny craft supplies that can look like snow
  • Small item to add inside for decoration like a fir tree
  • Water
  • Glycerin (optional)
  • Super glue or Hot glue

How to make the snow globe:

1. Glue the small decorations to the lid with the hot glue or super glue.

2. Fill your container with water. Leave a little space from the top for the lid to go back on. If you decide to use the glycerin, add 1/2 spoon. It will slow down the glitter and other “snow” elements when they will fall down in the snow globe.
snowglobe craft
3. Add the glitter and other “snow” elements.

4. Once the items on the lid are dry, put the lid back on. Close it tightly. If you want to keep the snow globe for several years, don’t glue the lid on so you can top up the water if needed.
Supervise your children when they are playing with the snow globe, especially if you used a glass jar or in case you didn’t glue the lid and it loosens.

Use your DIY Snow globe with our related Arabic printable:

Arabic winter freebie - snow globe free Arabic printable and craft - Arabic Seeds Kids

We created an Arabic freebie, with English translation and Arabic Audio to help non-native speakers, to go with your DIY snow globe!
It says:
” Winter has arrived! 
The cold and the white surprise have arrived! 
What’s this surprise?!
…The snow!”
Learners can practice saying it in Arabic (the Arabic audio we provide will help them get more fluent) and then, go to friends or family members and make them guess the answer before shaking their snow globe and telling “The snow!”.
A nice way to play with Arabic and enjoy it!

Download the files by clicking on the images below:

Arabic Seeds PDF file Icon Arabic Seeds Audio file IconAnd for more Winter themed Arabic resources and unit,  subscribe to our membership. Read all the details about the Arabic Seeds Membership here!

snow, the white surprise in Arabic


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_ Emilie, founder of Arabic Seeds.


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