DIY Eid Banner in Arabic with your Kids

! مَرْحَباً

As a mother willing to pass Arabic on her child, I always try to find ways to integrate more Arabic in our daily life. Especially if you live in a non-Arabic country like us, your children are not exposed to the Arabic script in the streets, at the supermarket, on the cereals box etc…That’s why, we have to add more Arabic in our home. Our children will be more interested in it as we show them the value and the usefulness of Arabic. So, since we are close to this special moment of the year – Eid – take the opportunity to make an Eid Banner in Arabic with your kids!

DIY Eid Banner

It is also a great activity to practice Arabic letters recognition ^^!

What you need:

  • white cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors and craft knife
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • glue
  • decorating stuff (glitters, small pompoms, stickers)
  • removable adhesive dough “putty”


Firstly, with a pencil write on the white cardboard “Eid mubarak” (“blessed holiday”) in Arabic:

عيد مبارك

Then, cut the letters with the scissors and the craft knife (for inside the letter “miim”). At the beginning, I wanted to attach my two words on the wall with a twine, that’s why on the picture below you see that all letters and dots are attached together (even letters like “raa'” or “alif” that we normally don’t connect with the following letter). But then I found the solution by pasting the letters on the wall with a removable adhesive, so I cut round the dots and all the letters.

Now, your little one can color the letters as you name them for him/her. For letter recognition practice, my daughter colored each letter with a different color:

DIY Eid banner in Arabic with your kids
Practicing Arabic Letters Recognition while coloring our Eid Banner!

Then, with the glue and some pompoms, we decorated our banner (you can decorate with other fun pretty stuff like stickers, glitters and so on):
DIY Eid banner in Arabic with your kids

Finally, I displayed the banner on the wall by sticking it with a removable adhesive putty and added some more decorations around.
Once you have your banner on the wall, your child can practice Arabic reading while admiring his/her DIY Eid Banner!

And, if you want more stuff in Arabic for your Eid, you can get our printable Eid Card included in our membership:

free Eid Card in Arabic - coloring for kids - arabic seeds

_ Emilie, cofounder of Arabic Seeds.


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