FREE About Me Arabic printable poster (Arabic only and Arabic English)

Arabic freebie About Me printable poster - greeting and introducing myself theme unit - Arabic Seeds

(ورقة العمل مجانية – من أنا (كل شيء عني

Your children/students will love this nice freebie: “Who I am” (About me) Arabic printable sheet. They can write, draw, colour, express themselves!

What’s included: my name, my age, my country, my favourite color, my favourite book, my favourite animal, my favourite food, my favourite hobby، my favourite sport.

The PDF file includes both the Arabic-only and Arabic-English versions.

Click on the link below to download your Arabic Freebie:

About Me Arabic printable poster – Arabic only and Arabic English – Freebie

We recommend to use this as part of our great “Greeting & Introducing myself” UNIT included in our membership. Read more about the Arabic Seeds Membership.

Arabic greetings introducing myself unit theme - printables, videos, audios, games - Arabic Seeds resources for kids -2

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