FREE “My Behavior is good” Arabic Poster (with English translation) and Audio MP3

Arabic Poster My Behavior is good- Social Rules (translation included) - Arabic Seeds

A free Arabic poster to encourage children to have good manners with other people (elders, young), animals and nature. This poster can be placed in an area frequented by the children. Included is the English translation as well as an MP3 audio clip of the poster being read.

لوحة السلوك السليم و الترجمة الإنجليزية و المقطع الصوتي المصاحب – مجاني

Download ““My Behavior is good” Poster (English translation included)”

Arabic-Poster-My-Behavior-is-good-Social-Rules-Arabic-Seeds.pdf – Downloaded 959 times – 1.29 MB

Download ““My Behavior is good” Audio”

My-behavoir-is-good-Arabic-Seeds.mp3 – Downloaded 754 times – 866.22 KB

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