Free Arabic Ramadan Sentence Strips (Arabic-only and Arabic-English)

Free Arabic Ramadan themed Sentence Strips - Arabic Seeds printable freebies

We created these practical Arabic sentences in order to expose your learners to the whole language and avoid dry lists of vocabulary, for a better language learning experience! Watch the free read-aloud VIDEO of these sentences here!

These Free Arabic Ramadan Sentences Strips feature highlighted key-words from our illustrated Flashcards and Story «From 0 to 10 in the month of Ramadan».

By using our free Ramadan flashcards, you can play matching games: ask the learner to read the sentence (or read it for him/her) and then to find the matching illustrated flashcard. Or vice-versa: “find the sentence that match the flashcard you picked”.

Suggestions of activities with the Sentences strips:
Depending on the learner level and age, you can use these sentences strips :
1) for speaking: learn and reuse these sentences in real life!
2) for reading practice
3) for copywriting and dictation
4) for listening practice: the child listen to our Ramadan Flashcards & Sentences read-aloud video
and has to find the flashcard and/or the strip corresponding to what he/she just heard. (or if you
don’t use the video, you can tell and they listen to you.)
5) Matching games with our flashcards.

Download “Free Arabic Ramadan Sentence Strips (Arabic-only and Arabic-English)”

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